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This page contains links to forum threads found on AcuraLegend.org that contain important information. They may be discussions of issues that are known to be common on the G2 Legend, or just information that every Legend owner should know.


Forum-wide rules
RockAuto Discount Code - Check the most recent posts in this thread to find coupon codes for discounts on your purchases from RockAuto.com.
CAI vs Short Ram...an un-scientific approach... - Comparison of a Cold Air Intake and a Short Ram Intake, also includes information on the AEM bypass valve. Information here applies to many cars, not only the G1 it was tested on.
General Audio FAQ - Basic information on car audio, not specific to any one make or model.
Marketplace Rules - Rules you'll need to follow if you want to sell items in the Marketplace section of the forum.
About the Merchants' Corner - These are the rules and requirements relating to the Merchants' Corner. It is a special section of the marketplace for sellers who provide customized parts or services to the community.

First Generation Legend (1986-1990)

The First Gen Legend Buyer's Guide - Important things to know before buying a G1 Legend.
G1 FAQ...Newbies READ READ READ!!!
The Ultimate G1 JDM Option Resource Thread
Mod Secrets and First Gen Tips!
ADDCO bar is FUBAR and a FAIL - do not buy for your G1 - photo record of misfit

Second Generation Legend (1991-1995)

General Info

G2 Newbie FAQ
OFFICIAL 2ND GEN DYNO THREAD - Dynamometer results of both stock and modified Legends.
G2 Legend Stereo FAQ
G2 USDM/JDM headlight bulb listing (with pictures)


Why Legend Head Gaskets Blow & How to Prevent it!
The Definitive Way to Tell if Your Head Gasket is Seeping - This is a simplified version of a leakdown test. A guide on a full leakdown test is available here: G2: DIY: Diagnosis: Leakdown Test


Engine Removal and Installation - Also see here for another guide on engine removal: G2: DIY: Engine Swaps: C32 Removal
3.5 Hybrid Type 2 AT Swap
3.5L swap information thread - Stroke your Legend with the 3.5RL engine!
3.5 Swap Parts Differences and Interchanges - More up-to-date information is available here G2: DIY: Engine Swaps: C35 Swap *NEW VERSION*

Common Problems

Legend Cranks but does not start? Here are some diagnostic procedures - Also see G2: DIY: Diagnosis: Starting Issues
A Safety Concern for Those Doing Engine Swaps & Steering Rack Jobs

First Generation RL (1996-2004)

1996-2004 Acura 3.5RL Newbie FAQ and Ultimate Sticky

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