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Note: This list is incomplete and may be missing important "historical" websites.

Legend.org (outdated)

Legend Temple (dead)

Legend-Forum (dead)

Legend Data Center (outdated)

LegendTuner.com (dead)


Commonly referred to as "a-l", "a-l.com", or ".com", Acura-Legend.com was started in early 2002 and changed ownership several times over the years until being purchased by AutoGuide. AutoGuide implemented instrusive advertisements (which could be avoided by purchasing "premium" memberships) and, eventually, attempted to charge an annual fee of $1000 to forum members who attempted to provide parts and services to address lacklustre aftermarket availability of Legend parts. In mid-2009 there was a "mass exodus" triggered by these policies, with a large group of members having reached the conclusion that the user community was being used instead of being fostered. All the posts and threads detailing this unrest and the mass exodus were deleted from the forum (though they are still available to read thanks to archive.org, three of the main threads are here, here, and here).

The a-l forum is still available, though activity has declined substantially. Because the enthusiast membership was diminished so drastically in mid-2009 much of the useful information contained in the forums is becoming quite dated. New material being posted is often incomplete, misleading, or incorrect. The moderation guidelines which currently appear to be used on the A-L forum inhibit providing correct and useful information, for two reasons:

  • The current moderating staff is known to immediately delete any posts that directly link to or refer to the new home, AcuraLegend.org, even within Private Messages. Because the enthusiast community that left A-L.com in 2009 moved, almost in entirety, to AcuraLegend.org, deleting these posts and messages prevents users at A-L.com from getting the best information currently available.
  • Forum members attempting to correct or clarify the information on the A-L.com forum, even without mention of AcuraLegend.org, have been reprimanded by A-L moderators. In a recent thread, in which the "offending" posts have since been deleted, an A-L moderator posted incorrect information regarding recommended service intervals. Subsequent posts with correct information, supported by the factory service manuals, were removed from the thread and the member who posted the correction received a warning for making the moderators who provide false information "look bad".

References to AcuraLegendWiki.org have been allowed and blocked at different times. While this wiki is intended to provide the best information available, always able to be updated and revised, unpredictable moderation on A-L also inhibits information from this source.


This is the newest forum for Legend owners and enthusiasts and it quickly became the most active. It was started in May of 2009 by previous members of Acura-Legend.com.


You're on it! This wiki was started in September of 2009 by members of AcuraLegend.org (sap and Quaraxkad) with the intention of being the most complete and accurate reference source for the Acura Legend.

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