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VIN # Decoding

Group 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Digit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Example J H 4 K A 7 5 5 * M C * * * * * *

  • Group 1, Digits 1-3 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Manufacturer
    • JH4=Acura Passenger Car
  • Group 2, Digits 4-6 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Model
    • KA7 = Legend Sedan
    • KA8 = Legend Coupe
  • Group 3, Digit 7 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Transmission
    • 1 = Manual Coupe
    • 2 = Automatic Coupe
    • 5 = Manual Sedan
    • 6 = Automatic Sedan
  • Group 4 , Digit 8 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Trim Level
    • 3 = Base
    • 5 = L
    • 6 = L with leather seats
    • 7 = LS
    • 8 = GS
    • 9 = SE
  • Group 5, Digit 9 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Check Digit
    • Ignore.
  • Group 6, Digit 10 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Model Year
    • M = 1991
    • N = 1992
    • P = 1993
    • R = 1994
    • S = 1995
  • Group 7, Digit 11 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Assembly Factory Code
    • C = Sayama, Saitama, Japan
  • Group 8, Digits 12-17 - JH4KA755*MC****** - Serial Number
    • USDM serial numbers begin with 0 through 7, CDM begin with 8-9. Unique to each vehicle.

Where can I get OEM replacement keys?

Click for full size.

Any Honda or Acura dealer can punch (not cut) a brand new key based on your VIN number, and most dealers will require you to provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. This will only work if the locks in your car have not been replaced, otherwise the new key will open only the remaining original locks. Key blanks can be purchased from any dealer as well. Delray Acura in Delray Beach, Florida charges about $1 per blank, and punches them for free whether you purchased the blanks from them or not. Most dealers charge more, but they are always cheap. Part numbers are 35113-SP0-A01 for the main key, and 35114-SP0-A01 for the valet key. The valet key is smaller and can be used only in the ignition and doors, it will not unlock the glove compartment or trunk. (Note: If you want to make use of the valet key, make sure to lock the glove compartment after engaging the trunk lock switch inside. This prevents the trunk from being opened without a key using the button on the drivers door.)


What light bulbs are used in my car?

Note: This list is primarily based on bulbs from a 1994 sedan, coupes and '91-'93 Legends are similar. If you have more specific bulb types for those years, please add them. Once the list is complete and confirmed 100% accurate, this note will be removed.

Location Bulb Style # and Wattage
Low-beams 9006 (HB4), 51W (x2)
High-beams 9005 (HB3), 60W (x2)
Front bumper turn signals 3497 (or 1156), 27W (x2)
Rear turn signals 3497 (or 1156), 27W (x2)
Corner parking lights 3652 (or 168), 5W (x2)
Corner turn signals 168, 5W (x2)
High-mount brake lights 1156, 27W (x1)
Brake lights (coupe/sedan) 2057 (or 1157), 7W/27W (x4) (dual filament: brake/parking lights)
Upper brake lights (sedan only) 67, 8W (x2) (single filament)
Rear side marker lights (coupe only) 168, 5W (x2)
Rear corner parking lights (sedan only) 168, 5W (x2)
Reverse lights 1156, 27W (x2)
License plate illumination 168, 8W (x2)
Location Bulb Style # and Wattage
Visor mirror illumination special size? Acura part #34273-SP0-013 (28mm festoon) (x2)
Gear selector (auto transmission) 74 equivalent, 1.4W (x1) (true #74 or similar?)
Radio backlighting neo-wedge (x?)
Climate control backlighting neo-wedge (x2)
Gauge cluster backlighting 194, 3.4W (x4)
Gauge cluster overhead illumination 74, 1.4W (x2)
Trunk 3021, 3.4W (31mm festoon) (x1)
Glove box 3021, 3W (x1)
Front overhead dome and map lights 168, 5W (x4)
Rear overhead dome and reading lights 3021, 5W (31mm festoon) (x3)
Courtesy lights (in door, front+rear) 3021, 3.4W (31mm festoon) (x4)
Footwell lights (under dash) 74, 1.4W (x2)
Rear door ashtray 74, 1.4W (x2)

Headunit, Speaker, and Amplifier wiring colors

These charts show the wiring colors taken directly from the diagrams in the Helm FSM. It should be accurate for all G2 Legends.

Headunit Amplifier Speakers & Tweeters
16-pin connector, without external Bose amp
Pin Color Function
A1 Red/Green Right Front output, positive
A2 Blue/Green Left Front output, positive
A3 Red/Black Lights-on signal
A4 White/Yellow Constant 12v
A5 Yellow/Red Switched 12v (ACC)
A6 Yellow/White Antenna power switch
A7 Blue/Yellow Left Rear output, positive
A8 Red/Yellow Right Rear output, positive
A9 Brown/Black Right Front output, negative
A10 Gray/Black Left Front output, negative
A11 Brown Telephone mute
A12 Green/White Security In
A13 Light Green Security Out (Ground G502)
A14 Black Ground G501
A15 Gray/White Left Rear output, negative
A16 Brown/White Right Rear output, negative
16-pin connector, with external Bose amp
Pin Color Function
A1 Blue Right Front output, to amp, positive
A2 White Left Front output, to amp, positive
A3 Red/Black Lights-on signal
A4 White/Yellow Constant 12v
A5 Yellow/Red Switched 12v (ACC)
A6 Yellow/White Antenna and amp power switch
A7 Orange Left Rear output, to amp, positive
A8 Yellow Right Rear output, to amp, positive
A9 Brown Right Front output, to amp, negative
A10 Black Left Front output, to amp, negative
A11 Brown Telephone mute
A12 Green/White Security In
A13 Light Green Security Out (Ground G502)
A14 Black Ground G501
A15 Green Left Rear output, to amp, negative
A16 Red Right Rear output, to amp, negative
5-pin connector, with and without external Bose amp
Pin Color Function
B1-B4 - Unused
B5 Light Blue Steering wheel controls

Note: These are the colors of the wires on the car-side of the harness. The plugs coming out of the amplifier unit itself are different colors.

16-pin connector
Pin Color Function
A1 Orange Left Rear input, positive
A2 Green Left Rear input, negative
A3 Yellow Right Rear input, positive
A4 Red Right Rear input, negative
A5 Blue Right Front input, positive
A6 Brown Right Front input, negative
A7 White Left Front input, positive
A8 Black Left Front input, negative
A9-A15 - Unused
A16 Yellow/White Switched Power (Radio On)
5-pin connector
Pin Color Function
B1 Red/Yellow Right Rear output, positive
B2 Blue/Yellow Left Rear output, positive
B3 Brown Right Rear output, negative
B4 - Unused
B5 Gray Left Rear output, negative
7-pin connector
Pin Color Function
C1 Red Right Front output, positive
C2 - Unused
C3 Blue Left Front output, positive
C4 Red/White Right Front output, negative
C5 White/Blue Constant 12v
C6 Black Ground G253
C7 Blue/Orange Left Front output, negative
Left Front
Color Function
Blue Speaker & Tweeter, positive
Blue/Orange Speaker & Tweeter, negative
Right Front
Color Function
Red Speaker & Tweeter, positive
Red/White Speaker & Tweeter, negative
Left Rear
Color Function
Blue/Yellow Speaker & Tweeter, positive
Gray/White Speaker & Tweeter, negative
Right Rear
Color Function
Red/Yellow Speaker & Tweeter, positive
Brown/White Speaker & Tweeter, negative

Fuse And Relay Locations

Under-Dash Fusebox

Click for full size.

1) Option C921
2) Option C919
3) Rear window defogger relay, Radiator fan main relay, Radiator fan relay, Fan control unit, AC Compressor clutch, ABC control unit
4) Stereo radio/cassette player, Cigarette lighter relay, Cellular phone system
5) ECM (MT) or PCM (AT), Idle Air Control valve, Fuel injector resistors
6) Unused
7) SRS unit
8) Unused
9) Cigarette lighter
10) Seat heater control unit, Driver's seat heaters, Front passenger's seat heaters
11) AC Compressor clutch
12) Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
13) Back-up lights, Turn signal/hazard relay, Clock, Gauges, Shift Lock solenoid (AT), Integrated Control Unit, ECM (MT), Seat belt tension reducer solenoids, Reverse lockout relay and solenoid (MT)
14) ECM (AT) or PCM (AT), PGM-FI main relay, Gauges (Bulb-check circuit)
15) Alternator, ECM (MT) or PCM (AT), Radiator fan control module, Security control unit, Power seat control unit
16) Daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
17) Power window control unit, Driver's window motor
18) Front passenger's window motor
19) Blower motor relay, Blower motor high relay, Heater control panel, Climate control unit, Mirror defoggers, Seat heater relay.
20) Cruise control unit, Radiator fan control module, Security control unit, Power seat control unit, Driving position memory system control unit
21) Left rear window motor
22) SRS unit, Fuel pump, Alternator, Vehicle speed sensor, Heated oxygen sensors, Bypass control solenoid valves, PAIR control solenoid valve, Evaporative emission purge control solenoid, EGR control solenoid valve, Fuel pressure regulator control solenoid valve, PCM (AT), TCS fail-safe relay, TCS control unit, Steering angle sensor
23) Windshield wiper intermittent, Windshield wiper low relay, Windshield wiper high relay, Windshield washer motor, Moonroof open relay, Moonroof close relay
24) Right rear window motor
25) Ignition coils, PGM-FI main relay, Noise condensor
26) Windshield wiper motor
C919) Option Connector (#2 fuse, no battery voltage)
C920) Option Connector (+12v @ IG2)
C921) Option Connector (Constant +12v)
C922) Option Connector (+12v @ ACC)

Under-Hood Fusebox

Click for full size.

31) Power distribution
32) ABS pump motor, Fuse 38, ABS control unit
33) Rear window defogger
34) Under-dash fusebox
35) Ignition switch (BAT)
36) Fuses 17, 18, 21, 24
37) Blower motor
38) ABS control unit
39) Brake lights, Horns, Key interlock solenoid (AT), Security indicator, ABS control unit, Cruise control unit, ECM (MT) or PCM (AT), TCS control unit
40) Hazard warning lights, Turn signal/hazard relay
41) ABS control unit (B1)
42) ABS control unit (B2), TCS control unit
43) ABS control unit (B3)
44) Power door lock control unit, Trunk opener solenoid
45) Right headlight, daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
46) Left headlight, daytime running lights control unit (Canada)
47) Radiator fan motor
48) Left taillight
49) Right taillight, Front parking lights, Vanity mirror lights, License plate lights, Integrated control unit, Rear spot lights, Dash lights brightness control unit, Dash lights
50) Condenser fan motor
51) Moonroof motor
52) Front passenger's power seat slide and recline motor
53) TCS control unit
54) Amplifier (external)
55) Power seat control unit, Driver's power seat recline and rear up-down motor
56) Stereo radio/cassette player, Clock, Power antenna motor, Climate control unit, Integrated control unit, Cellular phone system
57) Ceiling lights, Front courtesy lights, Rear courtesy lights, Trunk light, Foot well lights, Ignition key light, Front spotlights, Driver's door key cylinder light
58) Steering column control unit, Steering column tilt motor, Steering column extend-retract motor
T1) To battery positive terminal
T101) To alternator

Relay Boxes

Relay Boxes A and B are located on the drivers side of the engine bay, next to the battery and bolted to the radiator/radiator fan. Relay Box C is in the opposite corner of the engine bay, between the ABS reservoir and firewall.
Click for full size. Click for full size.


What gaskets are included in the Ishino/Stone (OEM) Headgasket kit?

Click for full size.

1) valve covers, left and right
2) lower intake manifold
3) upper intake manifold
4) right headgasket
5) left headgasket
6) intake manifold
7) exhaust manifold
8) timing belt cover
9) timing belt cover
10) camshaft pulley back cover
11) camshaft pulley back cover
12) EGR valve, rear of lower intake manifold
13) intake manifold/throttle body
14) left camshaft pulley back cover
15) right camshaft pulley back cover
16) thermostat
17) camshaft oil seal, front
18) camshaft oil seal, rear
19) throttle body
20-26) EGR and PAIR valves/pipes
27) spark plug tube seal, between rocker arm assembly and head
28) starting air valve
29) idle air control valve
30) 2 gaskets, fast idle valve
31) unknown
32) fuel pressure regulator
33) fast idle valve, internal
34) exhaust gasket rings
35) valve cover spark plug tube seals
36) PAIR pipe?
37) fuel rail+filter banjo bolt washers
38) fuel injectors
39) oil filler cap
40) fuel injectors
41) fuel injectors
42) intake valve stems
43) exhaust valve stems
44) valve cover grommets

What is the proper idle speed for my engine?

Type 1 Auto: 600rpm
Type 1 Manual: 650rpm
Type 2 Auto: 630rpm
Type 2 Manual: 680rpm
C35 Auto: 650rpm
C35 Manual: The RL C35 did not come with an MT, so there is no specification for proper idle speed when swapped into an MT G2 Legend.

What size hose do I buy to replace my coolant hoses?

Here is a color-coded chart of all the coolant hoses on the Legend. You can buy spools of Goodyear bulk hose for significantly cheaper than buying OEM replacements, and have plenty left over for future jobs. Yellow hoses are 5/16", dark blue hoses are 3/8", green hoses are 1/2", and light blue hoses should only be replaced with OEM or pre-formed aftermarket equivalents. If your Legend has a single-outlet water pump, you will be missing two of the green hoses pictured here.
Click for full size.
(Click for full size image)

If you still want to replace your hoses with OEM parts rather than bulk hose, here are the part numbers:
19522-PY3-000: Fast Idle Valve (straight hose)
19523-PY3-000: Fast Idle Valve (hook shaped hose)
19524-PY3-000: Idle Air Control Valve
19525-PY3-000: Throttle Body Bypass
19526-PY3-000: Breather Pipe Bypass (short)
19527-PY3-000: Breather Pipe Bypass (long)
19501-PY3-000: Upper Radiator Hose
19502-PY3-010: Lower Radiator Hose
79721-SP0-A00: Heater (valve to rear water outlet)
79722-SP0-A00: Heater (heater core to valve)
79725-SP0-A00: Heater (heater core to heater pipe under intake manifold)
19421-PY3-000: Engine Oil Cooler Bypass (L shaped)
19422-PY3-000: Engine Oil Cooler Bypass (short/straight)
19423-PY3-000: Engine Oil Cooler Bypass (slight curve)
41127-PY4-G01: Differential Oil Cooler Bypass Hose (L shaped)
41128-PY4-000: Differential Oil Cooler Bypass Hose (S shaped)

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