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This is a list of all the error codes that can be stored in the ECU and DPMS unit. Click on the description for more specific information on that code, troubleshooting/diagnosis, and possible solutions.


CEL Codes

Code Definition
0 Engine Control Module (ECM, ECU, PCM)
1 Left Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
2 Right Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S)
3 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP Sensor)
4 Crankshaft Position 1 (CKP Sensor)
5 Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP Sensor)
6 Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT Sensor)
7 Throttle Position (TP Sensor, TPS)
9 No. 1 Cylinder Position (CYP Sensor)
10 Intake Air Temperature (IAT Sensor)
12 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR Valve Life Sensor)
13 Barometric Pressure (Baro Sensor)
14 Idle Air Control (IAC Valve)
15 Ignition Output Signal
16 Fuel Injector
17 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
18 Ignition Timing Adjustment
23 Left Knock Sensor
35 TC STB Sensor
36 TC FC Sensor
41 Left Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater
42 Right Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater
43 Left Fuel Supply System
44 Right Fuel Supply System
45 Left Fuel Metering
46 Right Fuel Metering
53 Right Knock Sensor
54 Crankshaft Position 2 (CKP Sensor)
59 No. 1 Cylinder Position 2 (CYP Sensor)

ABS Codes

Main Code Sub Code Definition
1 None ABS Pump Motor Over-Run
2 ABS Pump Motor Circuit Problem
3 High Pressure Leakage
4 Pressure Switch
8 Accumulator Gas Leakage
2 1 Parking Brake Switch-Related Problem
3 1 Front Right Pulser
2 Front Left Pulser
4 Rear Right/Left Pulser
4 1 Front Right Wheel Sensor
2 Front Left Wheel Sensor
4 Rear Right Wheel Sensor
8 Rear Left Wheel Sensor
5 None Rear Right/Left Wheel Sensors
4 Rear Right Wheel Sensor
8 Rear Left Wheel Sensor
6 None Front/Rear Fail-Safe Relays
1 Front Fail-Safe Relay
4 Rear Fail-Safe Relay
7 1 Front Right Solenoid Related Problem
2 Front Left Solenoid Related Problem
4 Rear Right/Left Solenoid Related Problem

TCS Codes

Main Code Sub Code Definition
1 2 TCS Control Unit
2 None Parking Brake
1 Steering Angle Sensor
3 Lg Sensor
3 1 PGM-FI System
2 Engine Speed (NEP) Signal
4 Abnormal Reference Voltage (VREF) Signal
5 Abnormal Barometric Pressure (BARO) Sensor Signal
6 Abnormal Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) Signal
7 Abnormal TCS Control Valve Angle Sensor Signal
4 1 Right Front Wheel Sensor
2 Left Front Wheel Sensor
4 Right Rear Wheel Sensor
8 Left Rear Wheel Sensor
9 All Wheel Sensors
5 1 Abnormal Fail-Safe Relay, TCS Control Valve Actuator, Or TCS Control Valve Assembly
2 TCS Control Valve Actuator Voltage Low
3 Abnormal Back-Up Voltage
6 1 Powertrain Control Module

D4 Codes

Code Definition
1 Lock-Up Control Solenoid Valve A
2 Lock-Up Control Solenoid Valve B
3 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
4 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
5 AT Gear Position Switch
6 AT Gear Position Switch
7 Shift Control Solenoid Valve A
8 Shift Control Solenoid Valve B
9 Countershaft Speed Sensor
10 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor (ECT)
11 ECM
14 ECM
15 Mainshaft Speed Sensor
16 Linear Solenoid
17 Kick-Down Switch

DPMS Codes

Code Definition
1 Slide Switch
2 Recline Switch
3 Front Up-Down Switch
4 Rear Up-Down Switch
5 Tilt Switch
6 Extend-Retract Switch
11 Slide Switch or Relay
12 Recline Switch or Relay
13 Front Up-Down Switch or Relay
14 Rear Up-Down Switch or Relay
15 Tilt Switch or Relay
16 Extend-Retract Switch or Relay
21 MEMO Button
22 Position Button 1
23 Position Button 2
24 Forward Slide Switch
25 Backward Slide Switch
26 Forward Recline Switch
27 Backward Recline Switch
28 Front Up Switch
29 Front Down Switch
30 Rear Up Switch
31 Rear Down Switch
32 Tilt Up Switch
33 Tilt Down Switch
34 Extend Switch
35 Retract Switch
36 Ignition Switch

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