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Component Weight (lbs)
A/C system, underhood parts only 72
Carpet 15
Crankshaft pulley, '91-'92 AT 5
Crankshaft pulley, '91-'92 MT, '93-'95 10
Crankshaft pulley, C35 8.5
Crankshaft pulley, C35, aluminum 3
Cylinder head, including valvetrain 39
Exhaust, catalytic converter, plus B-pipe, sedan 27
Exhaust, Manifold 7
Exhaust, Muffler 26
Exhaust, Y-pipe, Type I 13
Fender 7
Glass, Sunroof, '91-'92 sedan 13.5
Hood, coupe 51
Hood, coupe, aftermarket carbon fiber 23
Intake Manifold Assembly, no throttle body 25.5
Power steering system, minus rack 70
Seat, coupe, front, driver, powered 75
Seat, coupe, front, passenger, powered 55
Seat, coupe, front, passenger, unpowered 48
Seat, coupe, rear, bottom 12
Seat, coupe, rear, backrest 19
Spare tire 28
Trunk lid, sedan, '94-'95, no spoiler 29.8
Trunk lining and carpeting 11
Wheel, 7 spoke, no tire 17.4
Wheel, 5 spoke "GS", no tire 17.5

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