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Diagnosing a specific problem can be complex, the testing procedures can often "branch" out in different directions. Because of this, some of the guides in this section are not typical step-by-step instructions. They are instead descriptions of the individual components, how they should work, how they fail, and how to test them. Step-by-step instructions are given when possible.

Pulling Codes - Is your CEL, ABS, TCS, or D4 light in the gauge cluster lit up or flashing? There's an error code stored. Read this to learn how to retrieve the codes stored in the ECU and DPMS unit.
Cylinder Leakdown Test - A leakdown test is the only reliable method of diagnosing a blown headgasket on the Legend. It is also the best method of testing for leaking intake or exhaust valves and piston rings. Every engine will have a small amount of leakage past certain points. Unlike a compression test, a leakdown tells you exactly where the leak is and how much it's leaking.
Testing the Radiator and Condenser Fans - Are your cooling fans not running when they should? Or running when they shouldn't? Follow this guide to test the motors, relays, fuses, wiring, etc.
Starting Issues - Does your Legend crank but won't start? Does it not even crank? Read here for help diagnosing these issues.

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