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Factory Helm Manuals

These are PDF manuals published by Helm, they are the official manuals from Honda. A complete set of manuals for every year of the G1 does not exist, what is posted here is everything that is available. They are posted here as zip files, inside each zip you will find a shortcut to jump directly to the Table Of Contents page. You will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view these manuals. You can download Adobe Reader from http://get.adobe.com/reader. If you find any missing pages or have a problem with any of these manuals, please send a PM to Quaraxkad on AcuraLegend.org. Note: Other free PDF viewers are available (such as Sumatra, FoxIT, PDF-XChange Viewer), but they do not all support the type of external links and bookmarks that these manuals require.

Service/Repair Manuals

Acura Legend Coupe - Factory Service Manual (1990).zip
Acura Legend Sedan - Factory Service Manual (1990).zip

Electrical Troubleshooting Manuals

Acura Legend Coupe - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (1990).zip
Acura Legend Sedan - Electrical Troubleshooting Manual (1990).zip

Body Repair Manuals

Acura Legend Coupe - Body Repair Manual (1987-1990).zip
Acura Legend Sedan - Body Repair Manual (1986-1990).zip

Owners Manuals

Acura Legend Coupe - Owners Manual (1990).zip
Acura Legend Sedan - Owners Manual (1990).zip

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