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Season 1, Episode 13: 16 minutes

G1 Sighting Jericho1x13 a.jpg G1 Sighting Jericho1x13 b.jpg


Season 4, Episode 12: 37 minutes

G1 Sighting Medium4x12 a.jpg G1 Sighting Medium4x12 b.jpg

The Wire

Season 3, Episode 3: 41 minutes

G1 Sighting TheWire3x03 a.jpg G1 Sighting TheWire3x03 b.jpg G1 Sighting TheWire3x03 c.jpg


Donnie Darko: 33 minutes

G1 Sighting DonnieDarko a.jpg

Eight Legged Freaks: 60 minutes

G1 Sighting EightLeggedFreaks a.jpg G1 Sighting EightLeggedFreaks b.jpg G1 Sighting EightLeggedFreaks c.jpg G1 Sighting EightLeggedFreaks d.jpg

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